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Press Release – IIPM Signs an MOU With University of Abuja.

Press Release – IIPM Signs an MOU With University of Abuja.

Today being the 17th day of February, 2023, the Institute deems it fit to make this press release regarding her partnership with the University of Abuja.

The Integrated Institute of Professional Management is a leading training and certification body in Nigeria with international reputation and affiliations. The Institute was established to improve the quality of human capital that will drive sustainable growth and development. The Institute focuses on providing quality training and development services to both private and public sectors to drive performance, productivity, creativity, excellence, efficiency and effectiveness.

The University of Abuja (UofA) was established on January 1st, 1988 as a dual-mode university with the mandate to run both conventional and distance learning academic programmes. It was the first University in the country to assume such a dual mandate at inception. The university currently has nine faculties, a College of Health Sciences, a School of Remedial Studies,  a Centre for Distance Learning, an Institute of Education, a School of Postgraduate Studies, among others.

In a bid to foster quality learning and development, IIPM and UofA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) this February 2023.

Elements of the MOU

  1. Equip clients with the right academic and professional skills to meet industry needs;
  2. Building skills, talents, character and capacity of individuals and organizations through value-embedded training and certifications in management programmes, executive leadership development, entrepreneurship and business development, and strategic business management;
  3. Boost global certification recognition and acceptance through co-issuing of certifications;
  4. Introduce grassroot approach to continuous professional development; and
  5. Co-host training and development programmes among others.

Proposed Training Programmes

All programmes of the Institute shall be co-run with the University of Abuja. However, new programmes are being developed to achieve more of the mandate.

  1. Senior Management Development Program (SMDP) for top management and executives of both private and public sectors.
  2. Middle Management Development Program (MMDP) for middle managers of both private and public sectors.
  3. Young Managers Development Program (YMDP) for entry staff and junior managers.

Participants will be issued professional certifications with a mini-MBA at the end of the program.

Professional Courses Available are:

Project Management Professional

Global Human Resource Management Professional

Health Safety and Environment Management Professional

Executive Leadership and Management Development

Emotional Intelligence Professional

Crisis and Conflict Resolution Professional

Business Development Consulting Professional

Certified Management Consulting Professional

And many more

While thanking the leadership of the University of Abuja for this collaboration, we sincerely believe that this partnership will be very beneficial to all involved.

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Eburuche Banito
Executive Director
Integrated Institute of Professional Management.

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