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IIPM Membership Induction
IIPM Membership Induction

Welcome To The Integrated Institute of Professional Management (IIPM) International; the home of management professionals. This page will provide you with information on membership benefits, obligations and other packages available to you.

Please, note that this page is regularly updated you are therefore encouraged to visit this page as often as you can.

Our Vision

To build, integrate and reposition capacities for sustainable growth and development.

Our Mission

Raising world-class professionals of character and capacity; with excellent high-performance skills through effective collaborations, integration of state-of-the-art techniques, continuing research, and value-adding mentoring and coaching.

Our Core Values (CIE)

Collaboration: we identify and collaborate with quality individuals and organizations to help us in achieving our vision.

Innovation: our assignment is to raise and network world-class professionals and leaders that will initiate, transform and drive the new economy through effective innovative approaches.

Excellence: we are setting the pace for professionalism in both private and public sectors via systemic excellence approach.

IIPM Membership Benefits

‌IIPM is a global community of professionals offering great benefits to members which include all but not limited to;

  1. Quality Networking Opportunities
  2. Professional Development through training and workshops
  3. Access to job listings and career resources
  4. Industry information and research
  5. Advocacy and representation
  6. Discounts and benefits
  7. Access to mentors and advisors
  8. Leadership opportunities.
  9. Entitled to use the membership acronym on your name; eg SIIPM, GIIPM, AIIPM, MIIPM, FIIPM
  10. Access to partnership opportunities with the institute.

IIPM Membership Categories
The Institutes’ Global Membership Program is in the following levels:
1. Student Membership

2. Graduate Membership

3. Associate Membership

4. Full Membership

5. Fellow Membership

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 Membership Category Criteria
 Student Member ( SIIPM )An  undergraduate  who must have at least an  SSCE  or equivalence; and
Must have completed the institute’s foundational programs;
 Graduate Member ( GIIPM )Must have completed his/her undergraduate  program;
Must have completed at least one associate professional program with the institute or any other recognized institution; and
0 – 3 work years experience is welcome.
 Associate ( AIIPM )Degree/ HND / or equivalence with 4-10 work experience;
Proofs of 3 management workshops attended; or  
Must have attended  IIPM  courses associate levels.
 Full Member ( MIIPM )Degree/ HND /or equivalence with 11 – 19 years work experience; 
6  management workshops attended;  or  
Must have attended  IIPM  courses at senior/lead levels.
 Fellow Member ( FIIPM ) Degree/ HND with at least 20  years work experience;
7  management workshops attended;  or  
Must have attend  IIPM  courses at senior/lead levels

Expectation From Members

‌Be good ambassadors of the institute;
Attend meetings, workshops and conferences;
Support and/or partner with the institute on her project; and
Be of good character at all times.

Membership Induction Fees

 Membership Category Induction Fee
 Student Member (SIIPM) N12,500 ($40)
 Graduate Member (GIIPM) N25,000 ($70)
 Associate ( AIIPM ) N100,000 ($250)
 Full Member ( MIIPM ) N120,000 ($300)
 Fellow Member ( FIIPM ) N150,000 ($370)

Membership Annual Subscriptions

 Membership Category Annual Subscriptions
 Student Member (SIIPM) N2,500 ($15)
 Graduate Member (GIIPM) N5,000 ($25)
 Associate ( AIIPM ) N10,000 ($40)
 Full Member ( MIIPM ) N15,000 ($50)
 Fellow Member ( FIIPM ) N20,000 ($65)

Annual subscriptions are to be paid on or before April 1 of every year.

New inductees get subscription waivers from the date of induction till March 31 of the next year.

Payments can be made to:

Account Name: Integrated Institute of Professional Management

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust (GT) Bank PLC

Account Number: 0588546395

USD Payments are available here>>> click here>>>

Naira Payments are available here>>> click here>>>

Financially Active Members

‌Financially active members are entitled to all benefits of the institute with voting and elective rights.
Meaning that all financially members can elect and be elected to hold leadership positions in the institute.
All financially active members shall be updated and uploaded on the institute’s website.

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For Enquiries

Please contact us via +2347018705699, [email protected] or Whatsapp/Call:+2348147029035

WhatsApp chat

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