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Executive Leadership Development

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Executive leadership certificate course.

build your portfolio

Increase your portfolio and advance your career with the right training, certification and membership.

increase your earning capacity

Increase your remunerations as your build capacity for high performance and productivity.

increase your leadership and management skills

Develop your leadership and management skills to recruit, lead and keep a well motivated team for sustained growth.

ACCEss to membership

Increase your respect and recognition with the right professional membership.

Choose the perfect level

Whether you are a prospective or line manager, a middle or top level manager, you can make your best selection.


Level one

  • None HR Related Degree or Equivalent.
  • Less than 1 year HR Experience
  • All assistant and deputy managers
  • All prospective management executives
  • Assistantt Heads and Supervisors


level two

  • All Middle Level Managers
  • Heads, Deputy Directors and Administrators
  • All CEOs/Entrepreneurs with 6 - 10 years experience
  • Professional Secretaries

level three

  • All Top Level and Senior Managers
  • All Private and Public Directors
  • All Top Level Business Executives
  • All CEOs with above 10 years Experience
  • All presidents and Founders


An executive leader’s credibility, authority and ability to keep a team focused and motivated are under constant scrutiny. And rightfully so—it’s the leader’s job to communicate strategy, negotiate skillfully, influence team behaviors, and deliver results.This executive leadership certificate will help you learn how to build high-performing teams and become a more authentic leader. In an executive role, it’s crucial that you have the right blend of soft skills and a strategic mindset to achieve specific performance outcomes at your organization.The Executive Leadership Certificate Program provides you with the critical skills to lead your organization to success, sustainability, stability and continuity.

In this course, trainees will be espoused to Effective Leadership,  Vision analysis, Character development, Emotional Intelligence, Quality and Service Excellence, Leading Collaborative Teams, Strategic Decision Making, Coaching Skills for Leaders, Leading With Credibility and Motivating People for High Performance among others.

  • Fundamentals of Leadership and Management Development.
  • Organizational Structure and Leadership.
  • Personality Assessment Studies: Understanding Individual Behaviors and Attitudes.
  • Workplace Management.
  • Character Development (Part 1).
  • Management Communication (Part 1).
  • Leadership Psychology and Business Reinvention.
  • Change Management.
  • Relationship Management (Part 1).
  • Case Studies (Part 1).
  • Performance Evaluation.
PDU: 25
Duration: 2 Days
  • Business Leadership (Part 1)
  • Best Fit and Best Practice Strategy.
  • Corporate Governance, Culture and Structure.
  • Understanding Human Behaviour.
  • Sustainable Management and Effective Leadership Models (Part 2).
  • Relationship Management (Part 2).
  • Management Communication (Part 2)
  • Team development and Management.
  • Leadership and Motivation Strategies (Part 1)
  • Psychology of Achievement.
  • Case Studies (Part 2)
  • Performance Evaluation.

PDU: 45

Duration: Five (5) days

  • Effective Leadership
  • Character Development
  • Vision Analysis
  • Business Sustainability and Continuity Strategies.
  • Quality and Service Excellence
  • Leadership and Motivation Strategies (Part 3)
  • Crisis Management
  • Crime Management
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • High Performance Management
  • Supervision, Mentorship and Coaching Skills
  • Collaborations Management
  • Case Studies (Part 3).
  • Performance Evaluation.
PDU: 45
Duration: 5 days

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