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Strategic Partners

Welcome to IIPM’s Strategic Partner’s Page.

This page provides you with the information you need to make decisions to join.

Please note that application and activation is free but terms and conditions apply.

Who Are Strategic Partners?

Strategic Partners in IIPM are those who are interested in partnering with IIPM either directly through financial investments or indirectly through referrals and actively participating in IIPM marketing programs.

Why Create Strategic Partners Program?

This program is essentially created for IIPM’s members and trainees who wish to create passive income with IIPM.

Levels of Strategic Partnership

There are two levels of this partnership;

  1. Associate Consultant
  2. Faculty Member

Associate Consultants are those who had been trained and certified by IIPM but had not yet been inducted.

Their basic responsibility is to share their experiences of IIPM with friends, relatives, and colleagues among others thus referring them to IIPM for the same experience.

The reward for Associate is 7.5% on individual referrals and 12% on corporate referrals.

Faculty Members are those who had been trained, certified, and inducted as members of IIPM. Their basic responsibilities are referrals, consulting, and facilitating opportunities.

The reward for Faculty is 10% on individual referrals and 15% on corporate referrals. 5% rewards for facilitating and consulting.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Interested persons are to apply.
  2. Approved applications will receive their SP links within 7 working days
  3. Reward payments are only made for completed leads i.e. we only pay you when your referral pays.
  4. You keep getting rewarded each time your referral takes a course with us.
  5. There is no referral bonus for membership induction or renewal.
  6. Payments are made after each diet or 28 working days.

General Benefits

  1. Access to continuous development events
  2. Discounted rates for programs
  3. Enjoy professional recommendations.
  4. Access to networking opportunities
  5. Unlimited earning potentials
  6. Customized Emails

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