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Certified Project Management Professional

Certified Project management professional

no.1 global career certification

Project Management Certifications remain the No.1 career certification all across the globe.

most employed certification globally

Because of the high-level flexibility, dynamism, creativity and innovation skills exhibited by certified project managers, they remain the most liked by employees.

increases performance and remuneration

Certified Project Managers are known for high performance and productivity as such, they are entitled to higher remunerations.

respect, recognition and promotion

Certified Project Managers enjoy maximum respect and recognition by both employers and employees. Also, certified project managers are easily promoted to leadership or management position for better results with the organization.

certification levels

Whether you are a beginner, prospective project manager or an experienced project manager, there is always where to start from in project management certification. Update your skills, relevance and remuneration with the right certification.


certified associate project management professional

CAPMP certification is a valuable globally recognized credential. CAPMPs demonstrate a strong understanding of project management principles and practices, making them valuable contributors to project teams. This certification is ideal for individuals who are new to project management or are looking to advance their careers in the field.

course content

Duration: 5 Days Intensive Class Or 4 Weekends of Intensive Class

First Run: Mar. 11 – 15, 2024 (Online/Abuja)

Weekend: Mar. 15 –  Apr. 13, 2024

Second Run: July 8 – 12, 2024 (Online/Abuja)

Weekend: Sept.,6 -28, 2024


certified LEAD project management professional

The Certified Project Management Professional (CPMP) certification is a prestigious credential for project managers. CPMPs demonstrate mastery of project management principles and practices, including project planning, execution, monitoring, and control. This certification is designed to enhance the skills and credibility of project management professionals, making them highly sought-after in the industry. 


Duration: 5 Days Intensive Class Or 4 Weekends of Intensive Class

First Run: Mar. 25 – 29, 2024 (Online/Abuja)

Weekend: Mar. 29 –  Apr. 27, 2024

Second Run: July 22 – 26, 2024 (Online/Abuja)

Weekend: Oct., 4 – 25, 2024

Duration: 3 Months (Friday & Saturday) 

Online Fee: NGN250,000 ($250)

Admission Fee: NGN25,000 ($25)

1st Run: Mar. 22 – June 22, 2024 (Online)

2nd Run: Aug. 23 – Nov. 23, 2024 (Online)

Mini-MBA in International Project Management

The Mini-MBA in International Project Management is a specialized program designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to manage international projects successfully. This program covers key concepts in project management, including project planning, execution, monitoring, and control, with a focus on managing projects across borders and cultures. Participants will learn from industry experts and gain practical insights that can be applied to international project management challenges. Join us and take your project management skills to the next level on the global stage.


Project Management skills have become the most sought-after skills while project management certifications remain the most employed and respected globally. This is attributable to the high-level dynamism, flexibility, professionalism, creativity and innovation exhibited by certified project managers. In this course, you will learn invaluable skills required to effectively and sufficiently initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and deliver projects in a timely manner with proper resource utilization. 

This certification proves that you possess the necessary skills to lead a project and manage a team effectively. This certification helps you to grow your career opportunities and your team-building skills and reach a greater level of commitment with your team members. It will enable you to be more confident and competent to define the proper resources needed to deliver projects on time and on budget.

To a business, how valuable is a project management system for your business? An overwhelming 97% of organizations agreed that Project Management is critical to business performance and organizational success, and 94% believe that Project Management enables business growth. Furthermore, 77% of high performing companies understand the value of project management, and they are able to successfully complete 89% of their projects (PMI). Having a Project Management system in place and following Project Management practices and methodologies have produced positive results for organizations.

By becoming a Certified Project Management Professional, you are positioned as the candidate to drive organizational growth, performance, productivity and profitability.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1.    Conduct project feasibility studies;
2.   Create project plans, proposals, schedules, works structures and
project documents;
3.  Effectively manage project constraints to
deliver results;
4.  Effectively procure and administer project
5.  Monitor and evaluate project activities;
6. Develop effective project communication plans;
7. Develop project budget;
8. Conduct stakeholder meetings;
9. Conduct project risk assessment;
10. Assess project sustainability analysis;
11. Develop realistic change management strategies; 
12.   Effectively manage project teams; 
13.   Develop quality management plans for projects; 
14.   Use Microsoft Project Professional in managing projects and
12. Apply global project standards in managing


  • 100% Online Training with minimum of six (6) hours per contact. 
  • E-Copies of training materials 
  • Quality networking .
  • Micro facilitation
  • Simplified e-examination.
  • Instant issuance of certification.


  • Access to training by qualified and experienced professionals
  • E-Copies of training materials 
  • Tea break and lunch daily
  • Serene learning environment
  • Writing pads and pen
  • Quality networking 
  • Micro facilitation
  • Simplified e-examination
  • Instant issuance of certification

a.      Online-class
Lecture, discussion, practical sessions, case study, presentations, projects and syndicates. Audio-visual aids will be used to reinforce these learning methods.

b.      In-class 
Lecture, discussion, practical sessions, case study, presentations, demonstrations, syndicates and field work. Audio-visual aids will be used to reinforce these learning methods.  

Online Tools: Zoom, YouTube, Email, Google Classroom, and IIPM Website.
Offline Tools: Fully air-conditioned Executive Classrooms with full audio-visual facilities and overhead projectors.

1. Certified Associate Project Management Professionals

Online: N150,000 ($150)
Fee covers training manuals, examination and certification.

In-class: N185,000 ($185)
Fee covers training manual, refreshment, writing pads with pen, examination and certification.


2. Certified Lead Project Management Professionals

Online:  N175,000 ($175)

Fee covers training manuals, examination and certification.

In-class: N200,000 ($200)

Fee covers training manual, refreshment, writing pads with pen, examination and certification.

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