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Certified Human Resource Management Professional

Earn an Internationally Accredited and Recognized Professional Certification In 

Become an internationally certified human resource management Professional

Certification Accredited By Society for Human Resource Management, USA.

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This certification is accredited by Society for Human Resource Management, USA.

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Training is administered by quality professionals using Society for Human Resource Management Body of Competency and Knowledge.

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Note: CHRMP is a pre-requisite to CSHRMP and CGHRMP


Certified human resource management professional

NGN185,000 ($185)



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 NGN250,000 ($250)

Mini MBA in International Human Resource Management

The Mini-MBA in International Human Resource Management a is a specialized program designed to equip HR professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to manage human resources effectively in a global context. This program covers key concepts in international HR management, including cross-cultural communication, global talent acquisition, expatriate management, and international labour laws. Participants will learn from industry experts and gain practical insights that can be applied to HR challenges in multinational organizations. Join us and take your HR career to the global stage with the Mini-MBA in International Human Resource Management.

Duration: 3 Months (Friday & Saturday) 

Online Fee: NGN250,000 ($250)

Admission Fee: NGN25,000 ($25)

1st Run: Mar. 22 – June 22, 2024 (Online)

2nd Run: Aug. 23 – Nov. 23, 2024 (Online)

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The number one capital asset of any firm is the quality of the human capital it operates with. Building an infallible team with marching capacities for high-level productivity, effectiveness and performance, creates not just a competitive advantage but also a sustainable advantage. Any company can be good but to have a great company, you must have a great team.

Irrespective of disciplines, human resource management skills have become the ‘most sought after’ and ‘must-have’ skills by the 21st century worker in the 21st century workplace. This is because all present day employees must be groomed emotionally, intellectually, strategically, management, leadership and business-wise to be able to coordinate business operations with high-level performance, productivity, excellence and profitability.

With this, it is obvious to state that the human resource professional has become a fast growing profession with overwhelming demand and everyone who believes in the future, must see the HR profession as the future of every sustainable organization.

This course is structured into 13 modules that would be administered in four weeks online.

The course will be delivered through a combination of interactive lectures, case discussions, group exercises, and simulations. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts and fellow professionals, fostering a collaborative learning environment.  Classes are available online, onsite and self-study.

Each  HRM Course is for 5 days or 4 weekends (Fridays and Saturdays), allowing participants to delve deep into the subject matter and apply their learning to practical situations.

Certified Human Resource Management Professional

Duration: 5 Days Intensive Class Or 4 Weekends of Intensive Class

Online Fee: NGN150,000 ($150)

Onsite Fee: NGN185,000 ($185)

1st Run: 2024 (Online/Abuja)

Weekend: Apr. 6 – 24, 2024 (Saturdays)

2nd Run: July 29 – Aug. 2, 2024 (Online/Lagos)

Weekend: Oct. 4 -25, 2024


Certified Strategic Human Resource Management Professional 

Duration: 5 Days Intensive Class Or 4 Weekends of Intensive Class

Online Fee: NGN175,000 ($175)

Onsite Fee: NGN200,000 ($200)

1st Run: May 20 – 24, 2024 (Saturdays)


Weekend: June 7 – 29

2nd Run: Aug. 26 – 31, 2024 (Online/Lagos)

Weekend: Sept 28 – Oct. 26, 2024

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💰 Naira Payments: Bank: UBA PLC | Account Number: 1020017605 | Account Name: Integrated Institute of Professional Management

💰 GHS Payments: Bank: Cal Bank PLC | Account Number: 1400007051974 | Account Name: Merg Partners Ltd.

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