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Future of Work Online Workshop

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Future of work

DATE/TIME: Saturday April 11, 2020 | 7PM Prompt

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Change is happening faster than ever, right across the globe: environmental pressures, population growth, massive advancements in technology, and significant shifts in the demographic of the workforce to name just a few. In step with these, people’s aspirations and desires for their work are also changing. Of course this presents challenges, but many organizations also see it as a wonderful opportunity to create positive change and to start to build purpose-driven organizations that prioritize people and planet alongside profit.

In the present reality, organizations have been forced to adopt remote working and other work practices and  technologies that will perpetually shape and re-position our present work structure. In the next few days and weeks, there will be massive retrenchment and downsizing as many jobs will no longer be relevant in the new economy. Many businesses will short down as consumer behavior and expectations would have changed. Also, there would be an untold outbreak of new opportunities resulting to business evolution and unnumbered startups resulting to massive requests for employees with the future skills to serve the future customer.


As this change occurs so fast, business and career persons must understand the trend and direction of this change so as to prepare for a smooth transition to the new economy.

This Workshop Will Cover

forces driving the future of work

We shall be exposing the forces driving the future of work and how you can leverage on these forces.

future skills

We shall be discussing on the future skills, competencies and knowledge that will drive the future of work and how to maximize the opportunities.

career/job impact

We shall be conducting career/job analysis to determine the relevance of your present career and the impact of future of work on your career/job.

preparing for career shift

We shall be exposing how to prepare and successfully migrate from a job/career with no future to one with future and safety.


How much is the fee?

The workshop is FREE.

who is the program for?

Career persons, business persons, entrepreneurs, employers, consultants, fresh graduates and others.

where is the venue?

Online Via Zoom

how long is the workshop?

One Hour Thirty Minutes

i don't know what is zoom and i don't have it.

Zoom is an online interactive app that delivers live meeting and classroom privileges. You can download from https://zoom.us/download or from the playstore in your mobile device then register. If you have challenge, you can contact us via +2347062628598 for help.

How do i join the workshop?

After registration, you will be sent a link to join.

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