Plot 1092 Joseph Gomwalk Street, Gudu,Abuja, Nigeria


1NWAOBI AUSTIN NWANZECertificate of AchievementNo
2MOTUNRAYO OYELOHUNNUCertificate of AchievementYes
3OLUBIMI MICHAEL OLUMIDECertification of CompletionNo
4SAMUEL KWEKU NARTEHCertification of CompletionNo
5EHIZOJIE IROEGBUCertificate of AchievementNo
6CHINENYE MIKE-MADOGHWECertification of CompletionNo
7JOSEPH OLUWASEYI DAVIDCertificate of AchievementYes
8JOSEPH OGWUCHE O.Certification of CompletionNo
9WENDY MICHAELCertificate of AchievementYes
10JONATHAN ANDERSONCertification of CompletionNo
11NELSON CHINEDU OKWUEZECertificate of AchievementNo
12APEH REX OGUCHECertificate of AchievementYes
13ADEFUYE ABIODUN MOSUNMOLACertificate of AchievementYes
14IFEANYI EJIKE ILUKWECertificate of AchievementYes
15ADAEZE CHRISTOPHER-BASSEYCertificate of AchievementYes
16ETINOSA KELVIN AJAYICertificate of AchievementNo
17OLUFUNKE FEMI-OJOCertificate of AchievementNo
18ALEONOPUE JEFFERY SAMSOMCertification of CompletionNo
19JOSHUA, MARCELLA TARICertificate of AchievementYes
20MONDAY BENSON AMODENICertification of CompletionNo
21BENJAMIN PIUS OLUFEMICertification of CompletionYes
22OJENIYI PAUL ADEKUNLECertificate of AchievementYes
23ADESINA MATTICertificate of AchievementYes
24ABRAHAM THOMPSONCertification of CompletionYes
25NNAMANI CHIDIKE CHRISTIANCertificate of AchievementYes
26PRINCE IDONGESIT JIMMYCertificate of AchievementNo
27AGBO TIM OKECHUKWUCertification of CompletionYes
28BIMBOLA OLUBUSOLA OLUYEYECertification of CompletionNo
29DR.BUKUNOLA ADUNN ADELEYECertificate of AchievementNo
30FOLASHADE OLUWAPELUMI DANIELCertification of CompletionNo
31OLUFUNMBI RACHEL SHOKOYACertificate of AchievementNo
32OMORODION OSAZUWA KINGSLEYCertificate of AchievementNo
33MICHAEL ADEYEMICertificate of AchievementYes
34ENGR ERIFETA KINGSLEYCertificate of AchievementYes
35BLESSING IZIRIENCertificate of AchievementNo
36CHIWUIKE FRANKLIN AMAECHICertificate of AchievementYes
37IGE OLUWABUNMI AKINCertification of CompletionNo
38DICKSON SOMUAHCertificate of AchievementNo
39AYODELE OGUNDIPECertificate of AchievementNo
40JANE YAKUBUCertificate of AchievementYes
41IBE JOHN OMENICertification of CompletionYes
42CHRISTOPHER BAIDENCertification of CompletionNo
43ISHMAEL KUMAH WAME AGBOCertification of CompletionYes
44ANDREW LUROCertificate of AchievementYes
45KEHINDE ISAAC OLUSESANCertification of CompletionNo
46EMEODI NONYE FRANCISCACertification of CompletionYes
47OLANREWAJU JOSEPH ABIODUNCertificate of AchievementYes
48NSIKAN BONIFACE EKAETTECertificate of AchievementNo
49EDEMANWAN HENSHAWCertification of CompletionYes
50YAHAYA AHMAD AHMADCertificate of AchievementNo
51RACHAEL SANI JOHNCertificate of AchievementNo
52ERNEST OSEI AHENKORAHCertificate of AchievementNo
53EJOVI OMENICertification of CompletionNo
54ABIGAIL ANYAMA BOSSMANNCertificate of AchievementNo
55CHIZOR WISDOM DIKECertificate of AchievementNo
56FRODAY GARANDCertification of CompletionNo
57OLUWATOSIN KADIRICertification of CompletionNo
58SELASI TETTEYCertificate of AchievementYes
59ROGERS ROBSONCertification of CompletionNo
60ZAHRAU UMAR ALIYUCertification of CompletionYes
61POPOOLA BABATUNDE BOLUWATIFECertificate of AchievementNo
62ADESINA SAMSON ADECertification of CompletionYes
63ADETOLA OGUNDEINCertificate of AchievementNo
64OKAFOR MARYJANECertification of CompletionNo
65SOBOWALE OLANREWAJU KAYODECertificate of AchievementNo
66FAROUK LAILACertification of CompletionNo
67ADESUYI OLAJIDE BENSONCertification of CompletionNo
68DEBBY OLUYINKA DARAMOLACertificate of AchievementYes
69SOLOMON DARTEY ANINAKWAHCertificate of AchievementYes
70OKOROAFOR ROBERT UCHECertificate of AchievementYes
71NNENNA CHIKEZIECertification of CompletionNo
72OSAKWE, ONYEMA ANTHONYCertification of CompletionNo
73AMOO RASHEEDAT BOLANLECertificate of AchievementNo
74ARO ELIZABETH OLUWASEYICertificate of AchievementNo
75ADEKUNLE BABATUNDECertification of CompletionNo
76DR.CARELLE SOBCertificate of AchievementYes
77SAMUEL ELIZABETH ALISABATUCertification of CompletionNo
78OLABIMPE PRINCESS OGUNCertificate of AchievementNo
79ATTAH OLUFEMI OLUGBENGACertification of CompletionNo
80UCHENNA KENNETH OFOEGBUCertification of CompletionNo
81FAROUK LAILA MAGAJICertificate of AchievementNo
82DEBORAH GABARICertification of CompletionNo
83DAVID USMANCertification of CompletionNo
84BADMUS BABATUNDE ARIWOOLACertificate of AchievementNo
85PATRICK KWAME AKATTAHCertification of CompletionNo
86ADEBOWALE ADEREMI JUBRILCertification of CompletionNo
87MANUWA J. ERNESTCertification of CompletionNo
88SAMUEL OFORI AYIMCertification of CompletionNo
89MUSTAPHA GARBA UMARCertification of CompletionYes
90OKECHUKWU EKE OHAKAHCertification of CompletionNo
91EDMUND SUCCESS CHINENYEIKECertification of CompletionNo
92AZUBUIKE SMARTCertification of CompletionNo
93NELSON VICTOR NSIKANCertification of CompletionNo
94FESTUS DAMILOLA KAYODECertificate of AchievementNo
95AKINROPO ABOLORE ADEBAYOCertificate of AchievementYes
96UDU ABRAHAM NNAMDICertification of CompletionNo
97OGU, MADUABUCHI IFEANYICertification of CompletionNo
98BLESSING EFE OTOKPACertification of CompletionYes
99AWUDUMAPU LAWSON ABRAHAMCertificate of AchievementYes
100ODOH DAVIDCertification of CompletionYes
101TIMOTHY JIDE ADEBISICertification of CompletionYes
102ABUBAKAR SANICertification of CompletionNo
103JAMES YAKUBU YILACertificate of AchievementNo
104TEMITOPE SEUN OJOCertification of CompletionYes
105MATTHEW ELORM YORKECertification of CompletionNo
106ANIEBIET FAVOUR INIOBONGCertification of CompletionNo
107ANTHONIA AYOTUNDE AKINWALERECertification of CompletionNo
108AHMED TENIOLA ALADECertification of CompletionYes
109ODOFIN MICHAEL B.Certification of CompletionNo
110TANDOH THEOPHILUSCertification of CompletionYes
111DAVID NWALA SILVA C.Certification of CompletionYes
112AWWAL ABDULMUMIN SA’ADCertificate of AchievementNo
113MAMMAN BUKAR GAGAVACertificate of AchievementNo
114SOLOMON ENEOJO APEHCertification of CompletionNo
115OLUWATOBI BAMGBOYECertification of CompletionNo
116ERNEST JEFF TETTEY A. LAMPTEYCertificate of AchievementYes
117TEMISA DIVINE OVUAKPORAYECertificate of AchievementNo
118AJAKAYE GBOYEGA BABAJIDECertification of CompletionNo
119OLALERE IFEOLUWACertification of CompletionNo
120UMAR USMANCertification of CompletionYes
121DANASABE DANJUMACertificate of AchievementYes
122JACOB ROBERT JACOBCertificate of AchievementNo
123TIMOTHY B PEEZEECertification of CompletionYes
124ABDULLAHI AMINU MANSIRCertification of CompletionNo
125NWACHUKWU, PASCHAL CHUKWUEMEKACertification of CompletionNo
126ABDUL-QADIR MUHAMMAD SULEIMANCertification of CompletionNo
127KINGSLEY NDUKA UMEANACertification of CompletionNo
128NUSIRAT TIJJANICertification of CompletionNo
129MADAKI BITRUS ITATUWACertification of CompletionYes
130SOLOMON RABOCertification of CompletionNo
131IBRAHIM MOHAMMEDCertificate of AchievementNo
132IDDRISU SULEMANA DANAACertificate of AchievementNo
133ADOKI T. ISAACCertification of CompletionNo
134MUHAMMAD ISAH IBRAHIMCertification of CompletionYes
135BOMA HARTCertificate of AchievementNo
136ODAMA MICHAEL ODEYCertificate of AchievementNo
137DAUDA IBRAHIMCertification of CompletionNo
138RAPHAEL DAMILARE ADEWUYICertification of CompletionNo
139OBAJINMI JOHN OLATUBOSUNCertificate of AchievementNo
140ORELAJA ADEMOLA LAWRENCECertification of CompletionYes
141NSENNDEY ABRAHAMCertificate of AchievementYes
142EADIN GABRIEL AMOSCertification of CompletionNo
143AUWAL AHMADCertification of CompletionNo
144SALIFU ABDUL-MAJEEDCertificate of AchievementNo
145MICHAEL OLECertification of CompletionNo
146DR. OLALEKAN L. A. OGUNJIMICertificate of AchievementNo
147EROMORA, OLORUNWA EMMANUELCertificate of AchievementNo
148DR. RUTH PIUS SAMPSONCertificate of AchievementNo
149SHEDRACK OTSONU ISAIAHCertificate of AchievementYes
151FELIX ABAYOMI OLUSOJICertification of CompletionNo
152ABUBAKAR HAMMAN ZUBAIRUCertification of CompletionYes
153AYI AKIBA AYICertificate of AchievementNo
154OFFEI ANDY TETTEYCertificate of AchievementNo
155NURUDEEN DAHIRU BELLO MSHELIACertificate of AchievementYes
156OBED VINCENT CHIDIEBERECertificate of AchievementNo
157OBED AYOMIDE MICHAELCertification of CompletionNo
158OBED VINCENT CHIDIEBERECertificate of AchievementNo
159OGULEWE GODIAN EZECHINYERECertificate of AchievementNo
160FRANCIS CHUKWUCertificate of AchievementNo

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CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETIONE-copy only: N7,500 ($20) Hardcopy + E-copy: N17,500 ($50)E-copy only: N15,000 ($45) Hardcopy + E-copy: N25,000 ($70)
CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENTE-copy only: N10,000 ($30) Hardcopy + E-copy: N25,000 ($70)E-copy only: N25,000 ($70) Hardcopy + E-copy: N35,000 ($100)


All payments can be done via transfers or deposits to;

Account Name: Integrated Institute of Professional Management

Account Number: 0063893275

Bank Name: Access (Diamond) PLC


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Please, kindly send your proof of payment to [email protected]  or chat us up on whatsapp via +2348147029035.

NOTE: Payment closes February 5, 2021.

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