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2021 African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Online Conference.

2021 African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Online Conference.


The 2021 African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Conference – Online is a free online convention of African leaders and entrepreneurs who are desperate about bringing positive transformation to the African Economy. The conference will comprise of keynotes, professional lectures, breakouts, free consulting and counselling sessions.

The objectives of each session is clearly highly in the program attached.

In this conference, participants are entitled to free;

1. participation in all sessions;

2. e-certificate of attendance for both individuals and organizations; 

3. conference videos; and 

4. e-photobook.

To help ensure that we all have the best experience, we have provided a form to help us capture all information for better preparation. Kindly fill this form here >>> click here>>>or copy this to your browser: https://forms.gle/HK9YkmyeGC2dr4sY8

Should you have any concern, please do let us know.

Wishing us all a great weekend.

Best regards,

Eburuche Banito;

Conference Coordinator.



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