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Certified Training and Development Professional

Earn an Internationally Accredited and Recognized Professional Certification In 

training and development management

Certification Accredited By Society for Human Resource Management, USA, National Council of Management Development, Nigeria and Chartered Institute of Management Consultants, USA.

Internationally accepted certification

This certification is accredited by Society for Human Resource Management, USA.

study at your comfort and convenience.

Study online with your laptop, tablets and mobile devices at your own comfort and convenience.

international curriculum for Quality training

Training is administered by quality professionals using Society for Human Resource Management Body of Competency and Knowledge.

Access to training materials

Get access to all materials at no extra cost.

programme levels

Please note that participants must complete the associate levels before proceeding to the lead level.


associate trainer level


lead trainer level

Program information

Organizations have the need to achieve competitive advantage, excel in service delivery and make a difference to their clientele. They require appropriate values, skills and competencies to achieve these goals. Training is an effective tool for honing values, skills, competencies and for taking organizations to a higher level of performance. It has also become a strategic and competitive tool. Those who handle the training function must have competencies in training delivery and in learning transfer. They have to effectively leverage on training to improve team work, shared values and sustained organizational performance.


This workshop is designed to enable participants acquire competencies and professionalism in Training and development. 

Certified Associate Training and Development Professional

At the end of the workshop, participants will be

able to:

  • identify learning needs at all levels;
  • design curricula to meet learning objectives;
  • respond to the challenges of adult learning;
  • use training methods that facilitate learning;
  • and evaluate the effectiveness of training.

Certified Lead Training and Development Professional

At the end of the workshop, participants will be

able to:

  • tailor training to effectively meet the needs of organizations;
  • drive organizational process and change with appropriate training;
  • use methods that ensure training effectiveness;
  • write case studies to facilitate learning;
  • draw on training evaluation to improve training delivery; and
  • apply e-learning approaches to training.

Lecture, discussion, case study, role-play, exercises and other relevant learning methods. Audio-visual aids will be used to reinforce these learning methods.

Managers, Supervisors and Heads responsible for training, Knowledge Managers, Management

Educators, Trainers, Consultants and Human Resource Development Managers.

100 per cent attendance, active participation and micro presentation.

Associate Level : 5 days or 5 weekends

Lead Level : 5days or 5 Weekends

Weekends: Saturdays Only.

A. Fees For Certified Associate Training and Development Professionals

For IIPM Members

Online: N4,000 ($10)/session (One-off payment: N65,000/$160)

In-class: N6,000 ($15)/session (One-off payment: N100,000/$250)

Non-IIPM Members

Online: N5,000 ($12)/session (For single payment: N85,000/$210).

In-class: N7,500 ($18)/session (One-off payment: N125,000/$310)


B. Fees For Certified Lead Training and Development Professionals

For IIPM Members

Online: N5,000 ($12)/session (For single payment: N85,000/$210).

In-class: N7,500 ($18)/session (One-off payment: N125,000/$310)

Non-IIPM Members

Online: N7,500 ($18)/session (One-off payment: N125,000/$310)

In-class: N10,000 ($25)/session (One-off payment: N165,000/$410)

Important Notes

  1. Online participants are permitted to pay per session.
  2. Online participants will receive soft-copy of the complete professional certification after completing the sessions per level.
  3. Online participants are encouraged to book online or pay to the institute’s account in advance.
  4. In-class participants are to make payment  for at least 3 sessions per time to the institute’s account.
  5. Fees cover access to the training,  training materials and certificates.

Account Name: Integrated Institute of Professional Management

Account Number: 1017859614

Bank Name: Zenith Bank PLC


Online Payment For Naira:



Online Payment for USD


Irrespective of your country or location, this course is mandatory to all who wishes to join the IIPM Faculty (whether online, in-class or country representatives); both levels are mandatory.


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