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Strategic Human Resource Management Professional

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The strategic assignment to accomplish the task of building and maintaining a great team rests on the shoulders of the Strategic Human Resource Manager. The strategic human resource manager must be groomed emotionally, intellectually, strategically, management, leadership and business-wise to be to coordinate the most delicate aspect of any corporate firm: human resources.

In this course, trainees will be espoused to high-performance skills needed for organizational and behaviour  modelling, recruitment and retention, team management, employee relations and safety, change management,  human capital management, information/communication, behavioural psychology, job and role design and  evaluation, stress management, rewards management, conflict management, motivation strategies and HR  auditing among others.

GHRMP is offered in three levels with computer-aided training in Microsoft Access Professional (MSAP), HR Control Center and OpenSource Orange HRM applications.


This course is designed specifically for those who want to know how to manage people to produce great result; human resource managers, project managers, customer relations managers, ICT professionals, heads, supervisors, CEOs, directors, administrators, executives, entrepre neurs, consultants and business managers among others.

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