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Strategic Business Management Professional Level 1

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Companies and even large corporations (including government firms) close-up on daily basis. This is attributable to absence of strategic business management skills. In this course, trainees are espoused to  Strategic business skills for effective communication, investment, product diversification, marketing, customer segmentation and  management,  emotional intelligence, competitor analysis, organizational modeling, team-building,  business financing, scheduling,  business accounting  and book keeping, business planning & development,  business analysis and forecasting, purchasing & supply  management, book keeping & accounts, portfolio management,  pricing strategy and strategic planning among others.The course comes alongside Advanced  Microsoft Excel for Business  Management; which provides the practical edge for strategic business  managers.

This course is designed for all who want to increase their value and remain relevant in the business industry; entrepreneurs, consultants, investors,  managers, directors, executives, CEOs and career persons among others.


  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • Strategic management applications
  • Business Mechanics
  • Strategic planning
  • Product Innovation
  • Value  Analysis and Creation
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Effective Team Formation
  • Competitor and Industry Analysis
  • Business Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Productivity
  • Case Studies
  • Performance Appraisal
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