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Health Safety and Environment Management Professional

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Health and Safety of employees, customers, and the general public, is an integral strategic part of business planning, development, and management. Safety concerns are seen as very important as negligence can lead to loss of lives, properties, reputation and/or damage to the environment. To keep a better-motivated work-force or team, it is paramount to keep safety policies, standards, and regulations. In this course, trainees are espoused to skills needed for effective Risk Assessment, Unsafe act auditing, Industrial security and auditing, Accident investigation and reporting, First aid practice, Manual handling, Occupational health, Emergency response,  fire safety, Food safety, Job hazard analysis,  Hazard Identification and management, Personal protective equipment and risk protective equipment, Plant and machine safety,  Stress management, Contractor-employee HSE, Crime management, Crisis management, Confined space management, Journey management, Chemical Safety, Construction Safety, and Safe workplace management among others.


This course is designed for all who wish to work in high – performing organizations and all who desire to work as safety personnel including entrepreneurs, consultants, engineers, technical officers, health and medical practitioners, project managers, HR managers, field/site workers, oil and gas workers, bankers, business managers, telecommunication workers, manufacturing and production personnel, agriculturists and others.


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