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Consulting in the new economy

How has consulting and consulting industry changed?

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CONSUlting career

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As we rapidly move towards the new economy, there will be many disruptions in the business world that will require expert knowledge to deal with. Existing companies will be in dire need of practical solutions to successfully integrate into the new economy while startups will require expert advice on workable business models and strategies. Also, as career and workplace landscapes keep changing dramatically; many opportunities will be found in the consulting industry. If you have not started considering consulting as a future career, perhaps you need to start now. 

While consulting career will sound fascinating for the new economy, it is important to understand that consulting both as a career and as an industry have its peculiarities and challenges. As a prospective consultant, you need the necessary competencies, knowledge, skills, expertise, networks and certifications among other prerequisites. Or, as a practicing consultant you are having unidentified business challenges that are turning your consulting experience sour;  you need to have insight on the trends and way-forward for your consulting career.  This is the reason behind this workshop.

  1. International recognition
  2. Covered to practice under the Federal Laws of USA and Canada.
  3. You get complimentary IIPM Membership for Free for 5years.
  4. Chartered Certifications and Membership are issued directly by CIMC, USA.
  5. As a Chartered Professional, you will get greater respect and recognition both nationally and internationally.
  6. Get to receive annual publications and newsletters from CIMC, USA and IIPM Nigeria.
  7. Get Enlisted on the CIMC USA website as a Chartered Professional under the Federal Laws of USA and Canada.
  1. Enjoy Free and discounted CIMC International Conferences and Workshops all over the world.
  2. Get access to professional resource materials for personal and/or business growth.
  3. And so much more. 

1.      Introduction to Consulting

2.      Overview of Service – Markets – Clients – Products

3.      Business Analysis

4.      Business Intelligence

5.      Leadership Development

6.      Blue Ocean Strategy

7.      Brand Leadership

8.      Business Networking

9.      Client Relationship Management

10.  Corporate Etiquettes

11.  Competitor Analysis

12.  Business Communications

13.  Values and Ethics

14.  Management Auditing

15.  Presentation Management


16.  Emotional Intelligence

1.      Business Process Outsourcing

2.      Business to Business Marketing

3.      Category Management

4.      Collaborative Management

5.      Consumer Behavior

6.      Corporate Governance

7.      Innovation Management

8.      Enterprise Risk Management

9.      Service Model Development

10.  Service Marketing Management

11.  Service Pricing and Revenue Management

12.  Performance Management

13.  Negotiation management

14.  Effective Proposal Writing

15.  Meeting management


16.  Personal Branding and Imaging

CEOs, Business Executives, Managers, Employers, Employees, Leaders, Consultants, Management Professionals, All career persons and anyone wants to improve his/her performance through better consulting skills.

12 weekends – Saturdays 

The Workshop will be delivered in two sessions with break. Morning and evening session.

Class will be delivered via live stream on Zoom and youtube.

The workshop will accommodate lectures, interactive and practical sessions.

After registration, you will receive a mail that contains all information.

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Zoom is an online interactive app that delivers live meeting and classroom privileges. You can download from https://zoom.us/download or from the playstore in your mobile device then register. If you have challenge, you can contact us via +2347062628598 for help.





N65,000 ($170)

N85,000 ($225)


N125,000 ($330)

N150,000 ($395)

Note: Online classes are 100% Free. Optional payments are only available for Study materials, Examination and Certification.

Choose the perfect certification plan

Whether you are a practicing consultant or a prospective consultant, there is a perfect certification for you.





Course Accreditations

This Certification is Chartered by Chartered Institute of Management Consultants (CIMC), USA.

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"IIPM is bridging the gap between education and industry; helping individuals to build capacity and character that will meet industry needs. I recommend IIPM to all interested in professional and executive education."
'I did my Project Management and Human Resource Management Certification Programs with IIPM. The price of IIPM’s training almost discouraged me from attending their sessions but since I gave it a trial, I have never stopped recommending them to organizations and individuals. Their training are practical and easy to apply. I strongly recommend them to all.
“I got my Project Management and other Certifications from IIPM. The training is interactive, fun and quality. The facilitators are well experienced and knowledgeable. The certifications are also well recognized. For your career growth, I will recommend IIPM.”
Mustapha Idris
"IIPM is a quality-driven institute that can help you achieve your career goals. I obtained my Project Management, Human Resource Management and Health safety and Environment Management Certifications from IIPM. These skills greatly increased my performance and made me stand out.
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