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Author: Eburuche Banito

Setting the Pace For Excellence.

Strategic Entrepreneurship Workshop

STRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP WORKSHOP About The Workshop This workshop is designed to provide practical knowledge on how to build a system of sustainable success. Participants will be exposed to how to first empower their minds to do the impossible. You will learn to discovery your inherent abilities and skills, how to maximize them and make great…
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In recent time, entrepreneurial skills had gained prominence in the labour market during recruitment. Employers are beginning to realize that to revive this dying economy, entrepreneurs need to be giving their right place in an organization and in the nation at large.Strategic Entrepreneurship and Management has therefore become a dire need in this present day of…
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This course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge required to perform at their peak in a corporate environment. Also, to help top management level to structure their businesses for high performance, excellence, productivity and profitability. Participants will understand what and how corporate management functions, the overwhelming benefits it brings and…
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PreambleYour employees get the job done; your customers get you the money. Treat them well and they will make you richer; treat them otherwise, you lose your business. Every firm’s objective is to create an effective customer relations management system that will promote product/service   acceptance, customer loyalty and retention which will in turn yield profitability. In this course,…
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Strategic Marketing in this present era of hyper-competition is integral to corporate growth and advancement. Doing without it is planning for your firm’s extinction. Organizations use strategic marketing to create a plan to better reach and satisfy customers while increasing profitability and productivity. In this course, trainees will be thought on how to use strategic marketing…
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An executive leader’s credibility, authority and ability to keep a team focused and motivated are under constant scrutiny. And rightfully so—it’s the leader’s job to communicate strategy, negotiate skillfully, influence team behaviors, and deliver results.This executive leadership certificate will help you learn how to build high-performing teams and become a more authentic leader. In an…
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Companies and even large corporations (including government firms) close-up on daily basis. This is attributable to absence of strategic business management skills. In this course, trainees are espoused to  Strategic business skills for effective communication, investment, product diversification, marketing, customer segmentation and  management,  emotional intelligence, competitor analysis, organizational modeling, team-building,  business financing, scheduling,  business accounting  and book keeping, business planning & development, …
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Health Safety and Environment Management Professional (HSEMP)

Get on Top of Your Career With an Internationally Recognized Certification in Health Safety and Environment Management    Become a Certified Health Safety and Environment Management Professional  (HSEMP) ABOUT THIS COURSE Health and Safety of employees, customers and the general public, is an integral strategic part of business planning, development and management. Safety concerns are seen as…
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Global Human Resource Management Professional (GHRMP)

Get on Top of Your Career With an Internationally Recognized Certification in Global Human Resources Management    Become a Certified Global Human Resources Management Professional (GHRMP) ABOUT THIS COURSE The number one capital asset of any firm is the quality of the human capital it operates with. Building an infallible team with marching capacities for high-level productivity, effectiveness…
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Project Management Professional (PMP) + Agile Project Management

PreambleProject Management skills have become the most sought-after skills while project management certification remains the most employed and respected globally. This is attributable to their high level dynamism, flexibility and innovation. Project managers are solution-driven and are not threatened by any corporate issue because of their exposure to versatility. By becoming a Certified Project Management…
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