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Author: Eburuche Banito

International Professional Certifications


The Integrated Institute of Professional Management International is an accredited training and certification institute with undying passion for improving the degrading quality of human capital in Africa for the purpose of increased personal and organizational effectiveness, efficiency, optimized productivity and increased profitability. Our focus is building skills, talents, character and capacity of individuals and organizations…
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2021 African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Online Conference.

IMPORTANT NOTICE The 2021 African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Conference – Online is a free online convention of African leaders and entrepreneurs who are desperate about bringing positive transformation to the African Economy. The conference will comprise of keynotes, professional lectures, breakouts, free consulting and counselling sessions. The objectives of each session is clearly highly in…
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Human Capacity Training and Empowerment for Nigerian Youth

ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY PLAN OF THE FEDERAL MINISTRY OF YOUTHS AND SPORTS DEVELOPMENT Given the impact of the pandemic on income and business activities, the Federal Government of Nigeria responded to the urgent need for economic recovery by approving a COVID-19 stimulus budget. In light of this, the Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports Development (FMYSD)…
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Call For Proposal From African Development Bank.

2021 African Development Bank Call for Proposal from Business Enablers for Women in Entrepreneurship

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